Welcome to the home of Raleigh's own Y'alt-Country Crooners!

Buckshot Betty blends traditional country music with elements of low-rent bluegrass, Cajun, southern rock, blues, and the occasional side trip into Bakersfield.  They have been playing their all-original country stomps, fiddle waltzes, and mandolin melodies throughout North Carolina since 2012.

Fronted by the incomparable Kim Betty on lead vocals, Buckshot Betty also features Todd Betty, Dan Betty, Hollerin' Pat Betty, and Milton Betty splitting duties on the guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, and dobro (and any other instruments they can get their hands on), as well as Suzi Betty on the fiddle, and Dave Betty on drums and percussion.

After five years of writing, playing, and carrying on, Buckshot Betty packed into Pershing Hill Sound studio to record its debut album, "Humble Home."  Following the album's release in late 2018, Buckshot Betty ventured out in support of their new record through 2020 with live radio appearances and headlining and supporting performances at local concert series and music festivals.  We'll be back with new tunes and more in 2021.  We're lookin' forward to seeing you soon!



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